Book review: Until It Fades by K. A. Tucker

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“Something good will come from the bad. It always does. That’s how life balances itself out. That’s how people keep going.”

Did you notice that life keeps balance no matter the circumstances? That everything we deal with prefers to be equally measured with the opposite, the antipode. We have the black and whites, the good and bad, like and dislike, love and hate, the kings and beggars, ups and downs… I can go on forever. But you already know how the universe works. What’s the point of complaining all the times? I can assume it’s because we prefer to overlook the good times and begin pitying ourselves when the rocky days come.

Why do we start appreciating what we have only when we’ve lost it? Do we need a regular reminder of other people being happy with the half of those things and opportunities we already have? 

I had my hard times. I wasn’t prepared for them but as a good Russian proverb says: “If I knew where I’d fallen, I’d spread the pillows all over that surface.” But no matter how long and tough it was for me, I knew that all of this is temporary. The darkest times come before the dawn, and afterward, I’ll find my white stripe and keep going along it with the appreciation of even smallest things I have in my life as the miracles. The point is to catch those miracles and not to miss them. You can lose the only exit that the fate gives you and stuck in personal regrets pitying yourself.

This is exactly the thing that Catherine, the heroine of the novel Until It Fades, had to do when happiness knocked at her door. She was too young to meet the dark side of adulthood, but she passed all the life tests with head held hide. So, after all, came the time when things had to change, and happiness with ocean-blue eyes and very handsome and athletic body had found her. You never know how some events can alter the outcome of the entire life. Neither she did. And when the sparks of fairy tale whirled around Cath, she was utterly unprepared that her life was changing for the better. But I am glad she was brave enough not to miss this chance and accept the fade.

I was very sorry for all those people who tried to knock her down with mean words, judgments, and prejudices. This is how the society in small towns work. If you’ve made a mistake, the people and the rumors they spread will eat you alive. And that’s another lesson to be learned with this story. People should mind their own business, stop being rude and curious about the lives they know nothing about because most likely the speak-out-loud opinions will become the reason of bad times for other people. 

K. A. Tucker created a story of love and appreciation, of two beating hearts those finally found each other, of the entirely opposite people from different social castes, but also it is a story of how the universe pays what deserves and counterbalances the lives. It was not enough of dynamic and intrigue for me but, as we already learned, this lack was compensated by engaging and heart-wrenching narration.

Remember this book next time you’ll be seeking for the dose of happily ever after.

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