Review: Love 3.0: Love never goes offline by Pat Tresna

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“Life is simple. We are the ones who choose to make it complicated.”

Ladies and … ladies, welcome to a fascinating journey of three utterly different women on the road to friendship and self-discovery. Sorry, gentlemen, I bet you won’t find this journey much fascinating. Though those of you who want to dig into depths of girlish emotions, desires, and love-lust, are welcomed too. We will greet you as heroes.

As an expat woman who moved to the US not so long ago and left all the dearest people at the homeland, including my best friends, I can say this story is way too close to me. And you hardly believe me but my new friends are utterly different and have nothing in common at all. It took me a long time to get used to them. So let’s say this book is a story of my life as for now, and it is very on point. That’s why I enjoyed it so much. The cutest thing is, I tried the roles of the characters in the book on my new friends and they matched! That was hilarious. 

I have friends of mine, Alexa and Daria, and they are similar to Alessia. Like one book character have enough space for two beautiful and very mindfulness girls. So yeah, I know how to cope with METTA, vegans, and defenders of the world ecology. Trust me when I say they can be a pain in the ass, but they are my friends no matter what. I think they are not so happy to see me drinking wine and eating meat in the shocking quantities as well. We like to try each other’s patience.

Sophie is another character of this story. She is a shy, polite and sophisticated girl. Sophie is the gem of their friendship and a genuinely romantic person. I recognize another friend of mine in her, Kate. You can quickly fall in love with both of them because it’s easy to become their friend. Well, the word “easy” goes along with these girls. I liked Sophie from the first words I read about her.

Oh, Amanda. She has so many same thoughts for both of us that I could not help noticing the similarities. Amanda is my soul mate and partner in crime forever and ever although she is elder than all of the other girls and way too elder than me. Her lifestyle, the way she acts, the words she speaks, her behavior, attitude to life and friendship is what I enjoyed reading and recognizing myself in her. 

I was lucky to win “Love 3.0: Love never goes offline” in a giveaway provided by @love3point0. Though I didn’t realize I participated in the giveaway because I didn’t read the caption to the post, just liked it and left a comment (fortunate coincidence it was an entry), I received lots of pleasure and joy while reading this book. So girls, grab your money for books and go to the nearest bookstore to claim your copy or buy it through Amazon now Love 3.0: Love never goes offline

Have a good reading, booksters, and let me know if there is your prototype in it!

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