Twilight Destination: NO vampires beyond this point

Over here, Twilight fans! Let me guide you to the one-day trip into the mystic Forks town and charming La Push beach with its fascinating sunsets. Look out, vampires! Quileute people have strict laws. You are NOT allowed beyond some points, sorry.

no vampires sign
Quileute reservation

Feels like a dream? Yet it’s a reality. Each of us, people who read all the books not once; who call Stephenie Meyer the queen of the love triangles, heart wrenching moments and plot twists; people who debated for long time if the movie creators failed and after years of watching the movies again and again came to a unanimous decision that, indeed, it sucks; those who are divided into #EdwardTeam and #JacobTeam though stay united despite the controversy – we all have a sacred desire to walk the streets of Forks, to try the luck to catch a sight of a huge wolf in the woods and to listen to the Quileute legends on the sands of La Push beach basking near the bonfire. Sorry, I can’t promise you’ll have all this experience but I can guide you to these places as I was there and I had it all. Except for the bonfire. Left this for later.

Listen to me now and follow the instruction carefully as you never know if the legends are false.

If you’re staying in Seattle, you’ll have two routes of your choice to get to the Forks. One of them is through Port Angeles, and it fitted me perfectly. So start your day early to catch your Ferry in time because it’s the nearest way to get there. Olympic Forest, the hills, and the fog send Twilight vibes during all the way to Port Angeles and make the route more scenic than it could be on a sunny day. So don’t worry if the weather forecast will be frustratingly rainy. It meant to be this way if you want to receive the whole spectrum of immersing into the saga. Here is your chance to catch a sight of the huge wolf in the woods. Peer thoroughly.

Have a nourishing breakfast at the Port Angeles Boat Yard. You will need strength for long walking. Don’t stay long though. There’s nothing to catch in there. It’ just a city. That’s all. During the journeys, you must be prepared to dummy places. It happens more often you think. But they can be perfect for snacks and refuel.

Next stop is a Cape Flattery near Makah Indian Reservation. Yeah, I know, it’s not on the way to Forks but if you’ve already come in that area try to see every sight. Cape Flattery is a marvelous place with picturesque cliffs with the viewpoint of the lighthouse and wild beaches where no man has entered. One of the beaches you’ll see is the third La Push Beach (Surprise! There are three of them) and the most secluded one. Take your time to enjoy the small hike and let your eyes absorb the surrounding beauty and ocean might. 


30 minutes more and here I come, Forks. I’ve never been to such small towns in America. Indeed, it could be forgotten without Meyer’s decision to put this town into the book. Two stores and a couple of local tours dedicated to The Twilight Saga make this place more mysterious than it is. Strolling streets won’t take much time, so enjoy the town leisurely. Don’t forget to enjoy the shopping as well. The town stores have the biggest collection of junk dedicated to Twilight world. Haha, you can laugh as long as you want but I found a perfect antique teddy bear there (I can’t imagine how it’s become a Twilight thing). Lucky me.


On the way to the La Push beach, you will find even more Twilight symptoms. You won’t miss the welcome sign which forbids the vampires to trespass. Then you’ll drive through the numerous Edward’s and Jacob’s Inns and vacation rentals. Looks bizarre and surreal but it’s fine. Eventually, you arrive at the first La Push beach which beauty makes your heart stop, and you soak your breath to keep the oxygen and not to swoon or gush over right there right then. La Push is truly a gem, serene and magnificent, with long shoreline and amazing view. Scattered trunks of majestic redwoods and rock fragments deep in the ocean jeopardized my ability to speak. And when I finally found my voice all I said to my husband was: “Please, let’s come back here again and again.”
“By all means.” His answer was.

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