How to arrange last-minute Halloween party

How to arrange a last-minute Halloween party

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Do you also have this terrific feeling of a chasing monster? It comes along with the spicy smell of pumpkin juice, cinnamon sticks, cloves and cardamom and brings you a vehement desire either to burn all the candles to be in the safety of light or to hide in the nearest pile of crisp fallen leaves and spend there the rest of October. No worries, you are not going crazy. I can assume it’s just Halloween vibes are doing tricks on you. Instead of being scared by this hilarious holiday let’s check on your friends’ bravery and knock them dead with the tremendous Halloween party ever.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Use this motto for the last week of October while you’ll be busy with arrangements. I get used to the last-minute parties so I understand how valuable could be information about where? and how? to find props. Do I smell a desire to get the trophy for the scariest kick-up ever? Hold on tight then! I’ve already sorted out everything for you. Be inspired by the spooky plan I created to conquer even the bravest of this world.

First of all, find your theme. I mean choosing the character you want to transform into and following those vibes. Oh no, not Maleficent again! Use your imagination! Or mine.

How about clothe yourself into an all-mighty Wonder Woman costume and go save guys in trouble? Screw the guys! Go save the world, gal! 

Here is another of my suggestions for the craziest of us. I bet this “It” Clown costume will scare the shit out of your friends.
You can always switch to the cloud mode and be all that magic and unicorn glitter. Ride the rainbow!

I bet plenty of books and movies can inspire you in your choice. Just assumed that the first two are top-notch as the books and the movies are above and beyond. Speaking of the Unicorn costume – well, a unicorn is always a great idea! Trust me. Glitter, confetti, rainbow tail, girlish pastel colors – guess who’s the cutie at the party of the gloomy witches?

Don’t know what I’m talking about because you haven’t read the books yet? Use the links in the photo captions to fix this misunderstanding.


Another tip from me – you can skip the costume in favor of bright Halloween makeup and yet steal the spotlight. See my favorites below. Just combine them with any of these dresses: Floral dress or Vintage dress to complete the look. 

Don’t forget about TREATS! Improvise with hot beverages, pastries, and sweets. Be creative but don’t forget about the taste. Don’t try to win the medal for the Best Bloody Cupcake if your signature dish is tea out of the tea-bag. Entrust this work to the nearest patisserie or grocery with the bakery department. You’ll be surprised how creative they are this time of the year.

And of course, you’ll need A LOT of decoration props. I’ve prepared a Halloween board on my Pinterest page to inspire you. I also took the lead and filtered all the Halloween necessities to decorate your house. Make yourself comfortable and go  shop online with this list of 8 Spooky Decorations:

  1. “Live Blood” Halloween Party Cups
  2. Bloody weapons garland.
  3. Door Cover Zombie Hands.
  4. Halloween Body Skeleton
  5. Orange Pumpkin String Lights.
  6. Haunted House Chandelier.
  7. The Dancing Clown It.
  8. Hanging Cotton Garland.

Now you are all set, and I have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you made enough photos how your friends peed in their pants. And the last tip – BOOO! can startle only once. Pick the proper time. Have fun!

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