I fell in love, his name is Seattle

I think I was made to live in Seattle. This is the bottom line of my recent vacation. I’m dazed and confused at the same time. How come I knew nothing about this city and despite that I managed irretrievably to fall in love with it? I’m not that kind of girl at all. No, wait. I AM, actually!

I’m reckless, spontaneous and light-headed. What else could I expect from myself? How could I be so careless to be hooked by a city, his peaceful lifestyle, emerald parks and surroundings, polite people, delicious food (OMG those peaches at the Pike Place Market, they were SO-SO-SO-SO-SO good!), numerous lakes those are lying like broken mirrors on the city surface, and ferries. Indeed, how could I? *scratches her head in bewilderment*

I want to marry you, Seattle. Is it an option?

How about, Seattle, to become my book boyfriend? Because I doubt I wanted to visit this city so hard if not those books. It kept me wondering for a long time why so many writers take this city as a model role place for their story to happen. Into the WildThe Twilight SagaFifty Shades TrilogyGeorgina Kincaid series, they all have Seattle inside their paper hearts. There must be reasons for that! That’s why I hurried to pack my luggage and flew away to find the answers.

You know what makes the city so impossibly charming, besides people? The sights! I’m not talking about that touristic bullshit like museums and Ferris Wheel, where the prices are too high, and everything is overcrowded and noisy. I mean the city gems, the hidden places those can be revealed only by locals or an accurate search query in Google. Visiting them won’t cost you a fortune. It’s a win-win!

I’m not local. YET! But I want to share with you all the places I was and all the sights I saw. Pity I can’t share with you all that delicious food, and the sunsets, and the people, and tastes and smells, and many other things those require direct participating, so you better be armed with this post and come and see it all by yourself. 

Make sure you have one spare day for the Twilight Destination trip. I left all the instructions, tips and locations in my previous post. Don’t think twice to hit the link in the trip title.

Devote at least one morning to pamper yourself with a cup of aromatic coffee and crispy croissants at the Cafe Allegro, Seattle’s oldest coffee house located in the alley in the University District of Seattle. Seattle is very famous for its coffee shops, so it’s a real heaven for coffee-addicted human beings. Funny arithmetics: there are 1692 coffee shops in Seattle, 424 of which are Starbucks. They are at every corner so at the end of your trip you’ll be fed up with Starbucks paraphernalia.

Pay a visit to the North Bend. The town was made famous by David Lynch’s television series Twin Peaks. There is no better place to have nutritious lunch at the Twede’s Cafe where you can taste cherry pie and have a “Damn fine cup o’ coffee!” and pretend for a moment you are Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Oh-oh… almost forgot! On the way to the North Bend don’t be lazy to stop near Snoqualmie Falls. Spare 10 minutes of your time to the sight of the gorgeous waterfalls. The view is more than scenic, and the might of the waterfalls will fascinate you and keep your attention enough to be interested in its history. You won’t be disappointed.

Another appreciation of mine is bookish places in Seattle. Put on your must-visit list the next locations: Seattle Central Public Library and Elliot Bay Book Company. Time passes really fast while you are there. What I liked the most about Elliot Bay Book Company is the staff recommendation section and numerous scraps of paper with personal opinions to the books all over the bookstore. It’s like to go shopping with the invisible book adviser. Handy and peculiar option.

Will you be surprised if I tell that you can SAIL FOR FREE on Sunday at the Lake Union and even pick one of the six adorable wooden boats? HA! GOTCHA! You need to get up early to be in time to enroll for sailing at the Center for Wooden Boats. 9 am to come will be okay. But trust me when I say it’s worth it. Early birds win the best boats! 90 minutes sail is a perfect opportunity to see the beauty of the city from another angle. They have a volunteering program for those who want to learn how to craft a wooden boat or to become a sea dog or a pirate captain. So if your journey dragged on, don’t miss this chance.

Okay, now let me list all the yummy places so you won’t starve while you rush from sight to sight.

  • Delicatus Pioneer Square – Grab the most delicious sandwich in the whole city and have a snack at the Pioneer Square.
  • Seattle Fish Guys – Thank you for the delicious Poke Bowl, big choice of seafood and fish delicacies and the engaging baseball game!
  • Green Leaf Vietnamese restaurant – Hit the ceiling for the ramen!
  • Grand Central Bakery – Can I order everything and two croissants with turkey, cheese, and egg, please?
  • Pike Place Chowder – Be aware of chowder wars with other customers. Overly tasty and overcrowded.
  • Unicorn – Adultland with fairy interior and nutty cocktails.
  • Redhook Brewlab – 50 sorts of beer, and the mouth-watering Mediterranean mussels in mustard sauce. This dish is chasing me in my dreams.
  • Portage Bay Cafe – Do go out to hunt the nutritious American breakfast.

And here are some touristic places finally to knock you down with flawless beauty and lots of fun.

What can I say, Seattle is always a good idea. To prove this statement, I want to give you a mini photo report. Enjoy.

This blog post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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