8 subscription boxes for a Christmas gift

At the end of November comes the time to burnish the brain about all the Christmas presents for book nerds. “DUH,” you can say, “I have plenty of time,” – and you’ll be right. You have a whole month before Christmas, and you do have time. You don’t want to rush like mad Schwarzenegger tho and jingle all the way in the search for a last minute present. So use your time wisely. It’s up to you to invoke the supernatural powers to make the Christmas presents full of magic.

I have a brilliant idea (I’m very cocky with all my ideas so bear with me). I’m thinking out what do I want for Christmas and my first thought is about a subscription box. Benefits are infinite, and the joy will last for days. Just what every bookster needs! It’s SO HARD to choose among all this diversity tho, so I want to ease your shopping and give a small tour of my beloved box sellers. Links are attached so feel free to hit them and to have a close look at these marvelous but ruthless wallet devastators.



These guys are the book caterers. The best thing about this subscription box is a wide variety of genres. While the most subscription boxes are a great surprise to a reader as they never reveal the treasures and all the necessities are hidden behind the themed veil, PageHabit grants you a choice amongst the many.


OwlCrate is my first subscription box. It is special for me and will remain never-to-be-forgotten like the first car. It’s not just a box but a magic chest of goodies. OwlCrate is a collaboration of many sellers of book-themed stuff altogether with a monthly themed book. One can only suspect what’s inside the subscription box after the theme is revealed. The sneak peaks of the content keep the nerve until the last. 

L I T - C U B E

Lit-Cube subscription box is perfect in case you know the exact tastes of your gift-receiver. Choose the existed themed box or a subscription plan – it’s really up to you. Always good to have an opportunity to look inside the box and see if the goodies suite your expectations.


Let me introduce you a one-stop-shop for all the things subscription related.  Here to your taste are served all the subscription boxes you can only imagine. Boxes for men, for women, for kids – let’s say it’s a basic choice; snack boxes, socks boxes, bookish boxes, etc. It’s a whole cobweb of options and suppliers. All the requests will be satisfied. 

B O O K  o f  t h e  M O N T H

Struggle with the proper book choice? Book of the Month is an excellent solution to all your doubts. Once a month, five competent judges prepare reviews on five books of their choice. All you need is a wrapping paper for this terrific subscription plan so you can shamelessly pass the decision on what book to have to the gift-receiver.

E P I C  R E A D S

Epic Reads is a YA community who managed to create a limited-edition holiday box with the perfect bookish essentials to stay cozy this winter. I love the price, the content and the opportunity to choose one of three gorgeous books. What the heck am I waiting for? I need it now!


Illumicrate has a great variety of newly released books of different genres and bookish necessities prepared exclusively for Illumicrate inside a quarter subscription plan. So they release four boxes a year what makes every upcoming box so unique. Perfect for the UK readers as it has free shipping. Additional costs may be applied for the worldwide delivery.

O N C E  U P O N  a  B O O K  C L U B

The last but not the least, I’d rather say my most desired subscription box. Once Upon a Book Club is a unique bookish gift. It serves as a bridge between a reader and a book, connects imagination through the things from the certain parts of the story. You will be suggested to open the treasures from the box as soon as you reach the specific pages of the book. I have a firm belief that this is the most marvelous and unique experience a reader can get while absorbing the magic moments of diving into plot thanks to revived and come off the pages artifacts.


I know, the choice is tough but feasible. Anyway, you can poke your finger toward any of these subscription boxes and remain a winner!

This blog post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.


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