Newbie to blogging? Here is how not to f**k up

One day you come to your working space, open the computer and decide:

I want to start my blog!

Not because you want to be in trend. You have the words to share and want to form a hobby from this obsessive need, to try something new. You’d have your reasons. I doubt you know accurately you won’t throw this idea away in a couple of months or you’ll become a world-famous influencer shortly. It’s just for fun, right? Let’s stick to this for now. Fun is good. Fun is fun. This is how I started. For fun and for learning a new language.

As soon as the idea forms inside your head you start researching all the tips and insights on this topic. Firstly, you want to find an excellent blogging platform. And this could be the time for the first mistake. Not after this post tho.

Good for you if you are as patient as the rock. You take your time in research, read thoroughly every article, compare experience and in a couple of months, having weighed all the pros and cons, you finally find a perfect platform to start. You are my hero, and you don’t need me here. Your scrupulousness leads your way. Keep it up!

Not about me tho. I want the results right here right now! So I fucked up. But only after a year I realized that. A year in ignorance is not the best experience to have. So here is my beginners guide to your blog.

There are thousands of platforms created for blogging on the web. They all promise you easiness in architecture your website, marvelous and unique design and tons of great deals starting with free domain and continuing with the 50% discount for the first year. Yes, you can start your blog for free using almost every platform. But as soon as you finish mastering first-steps to your website, you couldn’t get more features without buying a plan. Your site just won’t be insomuch competitive without these features in comparison with others. You might as well start blogging through Medium or Quora. But if you want your personal space for creativity with a beautiful custom domain name and many many other things as analytics, site monetization, unlimited storage space, private email box, built-in newsletters, and of course, to remove all the ads, you should pick wisely where you want to build your blog because of the price range.

I picked WIX. Here are the reasons why:

  • Drag-and-drop website builder. What does it mean? It’s a tool that helps you easily build and design your website, without much knowledge and any efforts at all. All you need is to know the basics of using the mouse and the keyboard. Literally, drag and drop all the apps and plugins on your site pages. It’s a constructor, a lego-platform. Very easy to use in comparison with other platforms where you should learn what is CSS and how to code.
  • Free custom domain name. Did someone say FREE? I come running! WIX provide you with an opportunity to purchase your custom domain name through their platform for free, so you can skip going to other site hostings for your domain name and actually buy it. Indeed, why should I buy it? DING, the second mistake and you can read all about it in this article.
  • 50% discount on the first year plan. Let’s see. The price for the premium year plan on WIX under normal conditions is $168. I could do it for $84 with 50% off. YEAH-HUH! Sure thing! Because other platforms were much expensive in their offers. This one is alluring.
  • I didn’t use my time for the research of other alternatives. I didn’t ask any bloggers I know. I wanted to do it on my own. Don’t make the same mistake.

So, you see, I’m not very prudent and smart when I start something new. When my desires are on fire, I prefer emotions lead my way. In my own defense and defense of WIX, I want to highlight the fact that I was delighted with all that WIX gave me and taught me through this year and I’m not sorry for this experience. I recommend you using WIX if your blog never crosses the limits of fun. It’s a great platform to start, to learn, to understand how you want to evolve and if you need to. It could stop there if I didn’t want to monetize the site, link Pinterest rich-pins and use referral links. I will tell everything about it in my future posts.

As for now, I moved to WordPress and become way happier with what I do. Yes, it was a struggle at first. It wasn’t as fast as on WIX, to create the website. I spent two days to read every article I could find on this topic, to talk to knowledgeable people and gain a minimum understanding of what is CSS. It’s the hell of a thing! I am still learning a lot, and I’m sure it’ll take more time to finally feel confident in this area.

Let me explain to you why WordPress is so attractive.

  • It’s a platform that exists for ages. They were one of the first in helping people to create their websites, and it is credible.
  • Almost every blogger I know uses WordPress. It’s not casual, is it?
  • WordPress templates look way more professional and stylish than a drag-and-drop builder can offer. I am not a web designer, and as I have seen from past experience, it’s hard for me to create something beautiful and functional at the same time, WordPress solved this problem offering a great variety of templates for the future website, and many of them are for free.
  • It’s easy as an iPhone! Yes, I know that I told you that it’s not that easy as appears but only at first. Solving all the issues becomes an obvious thing as soon as you know how.
  • To migrate from WordPress is way more comfortable. Unlike the WIX where you don’t have access to the website source code as it is built in the WIX itself, creating your website on WordPress you get the keys to it, to the HTML code. So you can freely download your site at any moment and use a different host. Furthermore, transferring a domain is not that big a deal. I lost my last domain precisely because of this problem with WIX. There was no easy and fast process to keep it.

Shortly speaking, I want you to understand that WIX is an excellent platform for starters. And as I said in the very beginning, if it’s for fun then WIX works just fine. But if you think about your blog as a long-term process, then my recommendation is to use a platform (not only WordPress) that will give you an opportunity to download your site thus you’ll be the only person with the keys. To be a key keeper worth a thing.


  1. Sagarika

    Hi, I know you from instagram actually I am planning to build my new website on WIX and as soon as I saw you on instagram and got to know that you are a blogger too, It was like a ray of Hope!! I’m glad, and I just read your article on “a newborn blgger” and Hell Yeah it helped me first when u followed me on instagram @the_gossipgirl25 I was like “YES!! ur a blogger” finally I can ask someone who’s into this. First I was hesitating to ask but as you mentioned in your post that it’s important to choose to talk, rather than making emotional decision”,

    1. alisaellie

      Hey Sagarika!
      Thank you for being my friend on IG. I am happy you found my article helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach me. Will be glad to give my hand on any matter.

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