The best shortcut to site migration

Site migration was my last-minute decision, 3-days before my annual premium plan on WIX has expired. 3 days, I thought, was not too little to move from one blogging platform to another and make it unnoticed for everyone. Sure thing, I had zero knowledge and experience but was very optimistic about everything WIX-moving-to-WordPress related. Now it sounds funny, but that time I was severe as never before. Before I spent 2 days to finally find a proper way to migrate. Before I realized it won’t be doable in time. Before I started inventing last-minute decisions. Before all of these, I was pretty severe and calm as a rock.

Here are my insights on this topic.
  1. WIX-site migration gives NO GUARANTEES on keeping all your website information as it is. Yes, you can move all your data to another platform. Luckily without loss of it. No, your new website won’t look as before after migration. Be prepared to receive a total structure mess and chaos of words instead of a beautifully designed website. To fix it, you should take your time, be patient and better make it by hand.
  2. It’s a long and very tough process for those who have zero experience. Read this step-by-step tutorial to an appropriate migration to make sure. Then ask yourself: What will you do if something goes wrong in the middle of the process? Who to ask advice? What if you lost the data? What ifs have a perfect ability to sober down.
  3. If you have your custom domain through WIX, not through a proper web hosting, it’s as hard to transfer it as to migrate itself. Read STEP 7 of the step-by-step tutorial to an appropriate migration. Please, make sure you bought your domain through an autonomous web hosting beforehand.
  4. If you still decide to migrate, make sure you have spare time for this process. In this case, you really can do it. It shouldn’t be a last-minute decision.

Having weighed all the pros and cons, I decided that I will do this migration thing in an old-fashioned way, as I call it – CTRL+Z CTRL+V (a.k.a. copypaste). I will start from scratch but will gain all the control over the process. So I opened and began reading a step-by-step guide to my new exceptional website and … stuck again. I bumped into such terms as a web host, CSS, HTML, web page’s source code, etc. Darn it!

Let’s sort it out.

Before you start designing your future blog, you should read this not to fuck up. Then you should make a decision if you want to try a platform with a drag-and-drop builder or you better be a keeper of the keys to your website. If you pick first, you don’t need my further instructions and an acquaintance with a web host. Otherwise, here is what you should know about a web host.

With WordPress, you have a perfect chance to download your website and always be the ruler of your web territory. But the downloaded site can’t work for itself. It needs a platform, a host who will manage his efficiency and safety, who will provide you with any support you need. WordPress can be your host as well but with insufficient abilities in comparison with a separate web host. Do you need it? That’s the right question.

You see, it’s always an option to move to another hosting. You can download your website at any moment, buy a hosting plan and move out. But I don’t really think you should do it if your blog is at the early stage of its development and doesn’t bring you profit yet. All these trendy propositions cost a thing and merely emptying your pockets for no reason. Think about a web host after you will monetize your site and it brings you the first silver coins. As for now, use WordPress as your host for free, and then we’ll see.

Speaking of CSS, HTML and web page’s source code, all of them are connected with your site independence in one way or another. WordPress provides with great support on these topics so you should read a couple of articles to get the knowledge.

So, I stayed with WordPress as a host, went through all the registration steps, picked a plan and a new domain name and spent a couple of hours more to choose a template. That was the best about creating a website as this is the actual step where a girl can relax and do what she likes – shopping.

After I purchased my template (btw there is a wide range of them for free), I finally started creating and transferring my data from my old blog. During this step, I bumped into such difficulties as inserting GIFs, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and music into the blog post. But you shouldn’t worry about it as I’ve already provided you with these valuable instructions.


This is it, my shortcut to site migration. It’s always been a rule for me – don’t try to bulldoze in if you have an option to detour. So I believe I’ve made an elegant decision to solving my problem. But let me know in the comments below if you decided to migrate appropriately, as it is instructed in the step-by-step article in the second paragraph. I am excited to hear your experience.


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