6 reasons why I don’t read your blog post

Are you a person of a result? Then this post is for you.

You put all your efforts into blogging, write your fingers bloody, spend days and nights in thoughts to develop a theme, find and lose inspiration, learn what it truly means a writer’s block and after all, you get unsatisfactory results. I guess you make common mistakes on and on and don’t even realize what they are.

I personally committed 6 of them. Perhaps my mistakes are yours so I’d be glad to share them with you. Let me know in the comments below if they coincide.


One of the most widespread mistakes but very significant. This is precisely where the reader can stumble over and simply won’t proceed with reading no matter how good the article could be. Follow my lead here.

  1. Play with numbers. People love simple lists and will be in the reading mood if you will inform them about the number of items on the list. E.i. Agree that it sounds more attractive 8 Books That Take You Deep Into The Woods than The Best Wood Themed Books.
  2. Don’t afraid to provoke the reader. Promise them a scandal in the title. Why I Hate You Say The Book Sucks carries a more intensive impulse than Don’t Speak Ill Of Book.
  3. Solve the problems. I mean for real. Don’t make fake promises in the title. It considers a lie. Most of us are always in search of guides or tutorials those can bring a solution. Give it to the reader! Don’t be greedy and share your knowledge. Write Ultimate Guide To Flourishing Your Instagram or something else that is on the top of the search query.
  4. Use templates. There are thousands headline title templates on the web. You’ll be surprised even more when you find out that they are divided into no less than 8 groups depending on the message you carry in the post. Don’t be lazy and google them.
  5. Be brief with your title. The title must be on fleek to catch the eye and motivate the reader to proceed further. Don’t try to fit a whole paragraph into the title space. Be clear with your message withal. Instead of Here Is How To Arrange The Best Last-Minute Halloween Party Ever use How To Arrange A Last-Minute Halloween Party.

When promoting your blog post, make sure the reader has the fastest and the easiest way to get there. Think of your reader as a very lazy koala. Did you know that they are so lazy that sometimes forget to eat? Anyway, remember one rule: fewer clicks it takes to jump to your post the higher chance it’d be read. Shorten the number of clicks to 2. One click is a perfect condition. One tap and the reader is there, at the mercy of your words.


These beasts are very effective every time you publish your posts. Newsletters send notifications to your every subscriber about all your important moves on the blog. Only two clicks separate your follower from reading your article: one to open the newsletter, second to reach your site through the link. The welcoming newsletter is essential as well. Every time you get new followers, greet them with a beautiful pop-up and be generous with your words. It’ll be appreciated. Many blogging platforms have their own plugins and apps for setting the newsletters. Or you can use a separate email marketing service like MailChimp, Drip, GetResponse, and others. Here is the article on 7 best Email Marketing Services for Small Business.


Choosing your site template, make sure you get the best mobile appearance. Ask yourself what device do you use more often during the day, your phone or laptop? My answer is I use my phone way more often than any other device. So I get a great deal of information from it. I jump through the websites without a second thought, and if they are not mobile friendly, I just close them without other chance. So it’s a vital point on my list.


Your narration style must be engrossing, not annoying or even prolix. Make sure you have a writing skill before starting all of this blogging thing and don’t stop improving yourself. It’s never too late to learn if the desire is great. Don’t forget about visual effects. Add pictures, GIFs, YouTube videos, playlists – everything that can help you to entertain the reader under the theme. Don’t overdo this though. Too many of add-ons can ruin the perception of your post not less than the complete absence of such.


To make the reader stay on your website longer, link your posts between themselves. Referring to your previous posts you enforce the reader to jump from one article to another within the confines of your site thus the reader stays longer and spends more time on your blog. If the readers like what they see and read, it motivates them to subscribe to your blog afterward.


One more thing I can suggest you to comprehend why your posts are not in the readers’ favor is to gather a focus group. Ask your relatives and best friends to analyze your writing skill, read your blog posts and honestly tell you what feels wrong about them. An outside perspective is what every blogger needs in the beginning. Let them sit near you and go through your text while you take a step back and scrutinize their every emotion and reaction on what they read. What makes them smile and what to frown, where they stopped and stumbled over the narration and what part of the text made their eyes fly fast over the lines. Ask them questions and get yourself ready to be criticized. Don’t ask for flattery, explain to your focus group how important it is to determine all the mistakes. Write it down and sort all remarks out alone with yourself.

On this, the basic work on errors can be considered final. I hope you find it helpful and it brings a head start to your every post. I wish you only succeed, nothing less.

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