5 made-in-Ukraine brands you should know about

I am proud to be Ukrainian-born.

In the country of steppes, clean blue skies and yellow wheat fields, where 24 regions carry the freedom and uniqueness as well as every state in the US, where the sea is Black but gentle, the mountains are mighty but passable, I was born but unfortunately couldn’t gain a foothold. I can talk about Ukraine for infinity. Did you know that there is a city in the US named just like my native city, Odessa? It’s a legendary place where the people with the unique sense of humor live, where almost 1 million tourists come each summer, a top-10 city with the most beautiful girls in the world and that’s not all awards it’s gained.

I want you to go on a date with Ukraine through this post. That is why I decided to introduce you my favorite talented people who inspire me. Their brands carry the peculiarities of Ukrainian culture, the vision and naturally should be in the know of the whole world. They are hardworking artists, and I’ve observed their progress and strides from the very beginning. 5 Ukrainian brands those could proudly wear a name of the authentic representatives of the nation are here at your disposal.

Oh My Look! & G.bar


One of the most significant events in my life is tightly connected with these services. When I say services, I mean that Oh My Look! is a rental service for the cocktail, and evening dresses and G.bar is a beauty bar for express services. And that’s all is a dream work I had. Trust me when I say there is no better place for a girl. Just look at @ohmylook and @g.bar.kiev Instagram accounts to make sure. From a small showroom in Kiev, Lera Borodina, the founder of the services, managed to build a corporation with the showrooms all over the world and franchises in Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and now it’s happening in Miami, Florida. And all of this progress was achieved just in 5 years! Unthinkably fast.

Could not be more proud of the fact that I was a part of the team for almost 2 years.

Katimo Clothes


Katya, the founder of @katimoclothes, is one of the most stylish girls I personally know. She always in search of new ideas and inspiration and outruns the fashion trends even before the market releases them. Her apparel is of the best quality, and she never tires of experimenting with colors and shapes. Katya fancies bold decisions in design and she has me at her every new handcrafted clothing.

To wear Katimo means to attract everyone’s attention and envious glances. She designs a new-age classic that only gets better with time.

La Boussole

An aesthetic magazine that grants every reader the trips through the cultures and places that wouldn’t require to make it off the couch. Elegant design, beautifully narrated articles and only the top-notch information about the cities of Ukraine and destinations. La Boussole is impregnated with the spirit of adventurism and juicy stories. It was born in Odessa by an intelligent team of young girls who represent the new age of creativity and talent with their unique vision of the country and people.

There is one edition in Ukrainian and English languages about Odessa that I highly recommend to read and posses.

Flip Store


The youngest brand of the five but the dearest to my heart as it was created this year by my close friend and her boyfriend in Odessa. They managed to combine the simplicity and elegance of not just a regular PJ’s, but I’d call it a night suit. To spend a night in their sleepwear means to see the best dreams. No dream catcher is needed! It is so comfortable that you’d probably want to go to work in it after the night in its warm hugs.

I like the stylish appearance and simplicity of the striped fabric, but above all of this, I am proud to know these goal-oriented guys who invest themselves into creation.

Invi Store

I am sorry I didn’t know about Inna, the founder of @invi.store, back in Ukraine. Her brand is the only in my list I e-met thanks to Instagram, and that makes me elated. Inna breathes with inspiration, and it’s very noticeable in her hand-made products for slow and zero-waste life. She works with natural fabrics, adds stamping to the cloth and designs necessities for every home. Her linen tablecloth in gorgeous thyme color is already on my wish-list.

To see the world with Inna’s eyes, all you should do is to wander through her personal Instagram profile @ineshka__ where she spreads cozy minimalism, writes out her soul in the captions and makes shots of delicious dark decor, books, and picturesque landscapes.


I am wondering if after these five e-meets you have a better understanding of my native country. If so, I guess a souvenir won’t be superfluous, and probably you’d like to purchase something. All the brands ship worldwide. As for Oh My Look! and G.bar, they are always ready to sell a franchise to your city. Directly write your request to Yasya ys@ohmylook.ua. I have my fingers crossed it’d be SF or LA.

Follow the lead of the subscription box on the right and comment me below.

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