People behind the handles

Instagram is a silver medal champion among the users all over the world. And while the worldwide population has reached the 7.6 billion, Instagram counts 800 million users. WHOA! That’s the hell of information to be generated by each user. Information on different kinds and forms: news, entertainment, blogs, photos, videos, you name it.

Every click, every view or a sign-up is recorded somewhere. Snooping is legal. Did you know that the top reason for using the social media is to stay informed on friends’ (or not friends’) life events while sharing personal content and opinions with others only takes the 7th and 8th places accordingly? That’s the news to digest.

Do we really understand the importance of the messages and data we actually throw away on the social media platforms? I assume 75% are not aware how easy they give away the sacred life moments to the public mercy not even setting up the privacy borders, sharing the life in its nude form in hope to lure more followers those are eager to spy on us. It’s time to become wiser and learn how to filter the information that better to keep private.

Firstly, let’s focus on why we use social media.

Is it about Recognition?

Never met the person who doesn’t want to become famous, recognizable, popular. Whatever one may say if you run a personal account, the odds are you WANT to grow the engagement, gain more followers, build a trust around your profile thus creating a circle of involved people, a small community that will be fed upon your brand “I” – the image of yourself through everyday life that most likely motivates followers to come after your opinion or induces the desire to become you.

You raise the interest of people in one or several directions, create news around your persona, befriend celebrities, dwell in the spotlight, broadcast your every move. In this case, be prepared the social media is going completely confiscate your life because stopping even for a moment means letting loose the focus of the followers.

So most of the users prefer to hang in the stay of “WANT” (to grow the engagement) and never proceed to the state of “WILL.” Hence there are only 19% of those who decide to walk this path and adhere to it.

My suggestion – to find a balance. You must accept you can’t hunt everyone and make them follow you, so you need to enjoy the process with small gulps. Build the borders of privacy for some moments and let them be sifted through every time you want to share something private with the audience.

I have a friend. Let’s call her N. She is a wife, a mom, and a very kind person. She loves her life and routine so much that she wants to share it with the world. And I’m sure she could be a great mom-all-in-one blogger if she stops posting the stories of her babies so often including sharing the moments that could be appreciated only by relatives or close friends like a video with baby’s poop. Not all the stories sound equally funny for all people.

Do you run a Business?

You have a product to sell, and it is commendable. Nowadays, Instagram is an essential tool in growing your business and is excellent for building seller-consumer trust. The business account is exactly where you can separate private life and creative process. One can never overdo the fuss around the personal business so go frolic for all I care. Just make it look beautiful and unique. You can always rely on my Instagram Ultimate Guide for the insights and tips.

All you must remember when running a business profile, that the users follow you solely for the reason they like the product you sell. They’ve come to know more about it, the vision, the brand philosophy,  the history behind the brand, the creative process, the team at long last so there is no room for the events unrelated to the product. The consumer expects the stylish content.

Are you into Passive Networking?

That means users come to social media to consume content rather than actively contribute to the stories.

As I’ve already mentioned before, the top reason to use social media is for consumption and keeping up to date with the latest news and friends. As it happened to be (according to the statistic), people behind the handles are mostly for rumors and communication. Then comes work, entertainment, following the social media trend and only after the above steps on the desire to share the lifestyle. Searching for a product or service to buy is second from the end. As you can see the most reasons to be on the social media are connected to a passive form of networking. Hence I conclude that bloggers are among 19% (according to Passive Networking report) of all users.

Just hear this out – 19% gladly keep wide open doors to their uncensored lives to 81% spies who catch every move, every word, every shift in the mood that’s allowed to see. Not all of this 19% know how to broadcast not being drained without remnant.

This is where I want to speak out.

I SAY think twice because once it’s posted, it leaves a trail that can’t be erased.

I SAY stop creating not private accounts for your newborn child long before you can hear if it is desired.

I SAY don’t flood on the social media with all the same content with lack of imagination. Create unique and worthwhile.

I SAY appreciate personal space even if it could be acquired by likes and follows.

I SAY keep your life censored because only perverts want to observe it in the bare form. Don’t contribute to unacceptable.

Would you care to comment?


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