Nursery essentials: 3 brands with win-win baby products

I am a total weirdo when it comes to household purchases. I believe that houseware and decor should reflect the owner’s character and philosophy hand-in-hand with functionality and usability defined by the manufacturer — kind of a perfect product yet outstanding among its relatives. I am always in search of authentic merchandise, whether it’s a flea market, antique fair, or a particular company. My especial love goes to small brands that usually create a limited amount of handmade products in collaboration with young artists. You will never find a Chinese copy of these goods. The brand’s attention to the details and the quality control make their products noteworthy.

I got into trouble of finding almost everything for my daughter’s nursery. To avoid otiose purchases, I did my research about what is necessary and what is a waste. I wasn’t surprised to find out that the goods mostly used during the first year often are ordinary, boring I’d say. Functionality rarely meets aesthetics here. But I wanted the nursery to stand out, to spread the uniqueness along with efficiency. I have to admit that without the following brands, it’d be a Sisyphus’ task.


Everything you put in front of your child can inspire, spark, and engage them so go ahead and start with their essentials.

Do you know how boring a nursery decor could be when you shop at Target or Buy Buy Baby? The choice narrows down to everything pink or blue. Like there are no other colors in the world to distinguish a boy from a girl! Such a shame to be limited with all the possibilities of color, design, and texture. Mini Scout saw a need for swaddling blankets and crib sheets. A soft swaddling blanket is essential during the first months. Add here a stylish pattern and soft and cool textiles, and you get a revolutionary product that’ll stay with your child for a very long time.

Their garden floral crib sheet swept me off my feet. Flowers-in-bloom pattern brings a vintage vibe and matches perfectly with the nursery furniture. This is what I call a win-win purchase!

Shop here

*All Mini Scout products are accompanied by a money-back promise for any reasons of dissatisfaction.


I warn you, these handmade goods by OMOLOKO cause envy. It’s illegal to create such beauty. This brand is originated and located in Ukraine, my motherland and home for many talented people. My 5 Made In Ukraine Brands article highlights the most favorite of them. OMOLOKO is a shop for kids clothes and decor. I was fascinated by their linen canopy and leaf mat and couldn’t resist the purchase.

Shop here


Stop searching for baby gyms and teething toys because you just found them! It’s your one-stop-shop for safe fun with a stylish Scandinavian design for your little one. Eco Teething is a small family business located in the heart of Europe. Among their products, you can find not only handmade goods, but they also re-sell well-known brands, such as SAGA Copenhagen, BIBS, Raduga Grez.

Shop here

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