5 Fun Adventures To Get Outside Before It’s Too Cold

I wrote this article as a guest blogger for Catherine Heigl’s blog ThoseHeavenlyDays.com. Here is the link to the source.

Fall is almost over and before we say goodbye to the autumn magic, I’m curious to know — what did you do to make this season memorable? Was it harvesting or land tending? Spending the brightest days in the farmhouse? Or perhaps, you retreated to a wood cabin to find peace among majestic redwoods and maroon leaves, the quiet wind howling outside whilst you slurped a fifth cup of hot marshmallow-cocoa, basking in the warmth of the fluffiest blanket near the fireplace in the company of a heartwarming romance? Doesn’t that sound like heaven?

If you found yourself stuck inside this fall, I get it and I am also here to give you some new ideas to get you out into nature before the frigid temperatures and snow move in. Finish out fall with these five fun fall adventures to get outdoors. Having tested out all of these adventures myself, I have one thing to say: it’s all about having fun and creating memories.


Camping is a must during the fall. Even a one-night stop brings enough desire to be rooted in the fallen leaves for the rest of the days. Stargazing will add a magical sensation to this trip.

It’s time to break out the tent and let the camping adventures begin. Make sure to pack a little extra plaid and some cozy blankets.

Climbing, Driving, Hiking

Climbing, driving, hiking – you name it – to the highest possible peak to observe the utter beauty of the surrounded lands all the way to the horizon. Romantic, huh? The experience is even better if you bring along your S.O.

Some moments are gold.

Outdoor Photo Shoot

Plan an outdoor photo shoot with your kids or your pet to embrace the fall colors and the ones who never leave your side.

I take my pup Smiley with me everywhere and he is always ready for scenic fall photo shoots.

Farmers Market

Visit the farmers market, a crafts fair or both to purchase a mascot of this autumn, something unique that’ll anchor you to these days every time you see it. Plus, fresh produce from the farmers market will make for a wonderful evening in.

I am happy that my childhood was saturated with mud and bruises, not computer games and an obsession with the number of likes under the photo.

Giving Something Back

Put your stamp on the world and give something back to the world this fall. Plant a tree or even something as small as a single seed. Build a bird feeder or a birdhouse—they will need it on the harsh winter days. Spread the love and be generous in any way possible. For me, I built a Belles Lettres Bookhouse (and highly recommend it). Watching people sneaking into it and leaving with a book in hand is the most heart-filling feeling I’ve experienced.

Sharing books with the world is my favorite way to give back and unite readers.

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