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Dear readers,

My foremost desire is to create a trust between me and you providing a healthy content of the best quality and ensure that the information you receive here is secure and you can rely on it. I consider as an obligation to be open and honest in what I do here.

Blogging starts with passion, sleepless nights and a bale of research. I’ve spent a year to gain the experience and all the valuable insights to make this blog as it is. But I wasn’t alone on my blogging journey. Many brands and companies joined me on my way. We were connected with the mutual desire to grow our businesses and develop our skills in the sale. The information you read on this blog is free to any and all readers/subscribers. However, I want you to know that I receive some of the products to review on the affiliate basis. It doesn’t manipulate my opinion or feeling about the product in no case.

I partner only with those companies and brands which match my vision and overall mission, who look in the same direction as I do. I promote only those services or goods I tried myself and can recommend as a topnotch high-quality product.


Throughout this blog, I occasionally reference my use of affiliate links (sometimes called referral links); these references are called disclosures and are required as noted by the FTC in the U.S.


Every time you click on such link and purchase the product, I receive a reward and earn fees by linking to affiliate sites. My disclosure is to give you a better understanding of what is happening when you hit the referral link and purchase a product through it. In this case, I receive compensation but at no extra cost to you.

I appreciate your understanding and support.


With love,